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Winter Skin Treatments From Your Kitchen

by Wanda on January 18, 2017

Winter is never kind to my skin. The dry, cold air is not a good thing for me, and frankly, I can’t afford spa skin treatments or expensive skin products. So, does that mean that I’m doomed to ugliness and discomfort all winter? Not at all! Not in the winter or any time of the […]

Smart Buys For January

by Wanda on January 8, 2017

Feeling a bit down after all the holiday excitement? Think all the great shopping deals are over? Get happy, my friends, because there’s a season for everything. Retailers also want to avoid a slump after the holiday shopping frenzy, so there are some great deals to be had in January! Here are the smart things […]

Black Friday Winter Coat Shopping

by Wanda on November 25, 2015

We’re all hoping for some awesome Black Friday purchases; it’s almost like Thanksgiving is something we have to get through so that we can go nuts and go shopping! Some of us have a plan for that chaotic and exhilarating day and others of us just wing it and wait to see what comes our […]