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Get 60% Off At York Photo

by Wanda on March 31, 2017

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York Photo is known for their quality work, great prices, and fabulous customization. Now through 4/23/17 you can save 60% on everything with coupon code BLOOM, plus new customers get 40 FREE prints with registration! Click here to start!

14 Foods To Eat For Energy

by Wanda on March 29, 2017

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I know you want that donut. I get it- you’re starving and it just looks soooooo good. Been there, done that… and enjoyed every bite! A donut looks good but it might not be the best choice in terms of value. There’s nothing wrong with a sugary treat once in a while, but because food is fuel for our bodies, what we eat really does make a difference. One of the reasons we eat is to give our bodies energy, and there are certain foods that do really well at boosting your energy and keeping you in top form. Here are some smart choices:

  1. Edamame: Edamame are full of iron. Lack of iron in your blood can make you tired and weak.
  2. Beans and lentils: Also good sources of iron, and loaded with protein to fuel your muscles.
  3. Nuts and seeds: The fiber in nuts and seeds helps to keep your blood sugar steady, which in turn helps keep your energy levels steady. The magnesium in nuts turns sugar to energy, and the protein keeps you satisfied.
  4. Brown rice: Digesting the complex carbs in this whole grain give you energy.
  5. Avocado: With it’s low glycemic index, avocado keeps your blood sugar even, and the potassium it provides will give you a quick shot of energy.
  6. Honey: A spoonful of honey when you’re feeling tired provides fuel for your muscles.
  7. Bananas: The sugar and fiber in bananas give you an instant energy boost, but not the kind that makes you crash soon after.
  8. Apples: The sugar in apples provides quick energy, while the slow to digest fiber keeps that energy going.
  9. Yogurt: Yogurt contains magnesium, which activates your metabolism to release energy.
  10. Eggs: Eggs are high in the type of protein utilized by your body to generate energy.
  11. Tuna: Lots of protein here, too, and also vitamin B, which is great for energy.
  12. Green tea: Like, coffee, green tea contains caffeine. But in this form it makes you focused and alert without the jitters.
  13. Oranges: You know oranges are full of vitamin C, which will make you feel less tired within a short time.
  14. Lemon water: Being dehydrated will sap your energy, so drinking a glass of water is an instant fix. Adding lemon gives you electrolytes for an extra energy boost.

Eating foods that keep your energy levels up will keep you on your game, and don’t get yourself bored by eating the same thing all the time. Keep it interesting, and give your body variety and balance by switching it up.

Voucher For Free Organic Salsa

by Wanda on March 28, 2017

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Emerald Valley Kitchen Organic Salsa is made with farm fresh ingredients, is gluten and fat free, and tastes delicious! Click here to get a voucher for a FREE full size salsa in your choice of mild, medium, or hot!

Amazing Ways To Use Oats

by Wanda on March 22, 2017

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Fans of oatmeal need no encouragement: it’s delicious and cozy, it’s filling, and it’s really good for you. If you’re budget conscious, you also know that oats are economical, too. So a box of oats is a win-win all around and it’s about to get even better! Oats are great for more than just a typical bowl of oatmeal. Not that there’s anything wrong with a bowl of oatmeal! But why limit yourself to just that when oats can do so much more? And they’re not just for eating, either- read on for new and amazing ways to use oats!

  • Oatmeal: Okay, this one is obvious, and I couldn’t leave it out, but you can change it up every time you eat with different flavorings and toppings. For busy mornings you’ll love the convenient nutrition of overnight oats- try these delicious recipes.
  • Granola: Not everyone loves oatmeal, but who can turn down crunchy granola? It’s a delicious and healthy breakfast option, as well as a smart yogurt or ice cream topping. Granola doesn’t get boring, either, because there are so many variations of it. And it’s easy to make your own granola, so give it a try. Check out these recipes for healthy granola.
  • Cookies: Oatmeal cookies are great because, cookies! And also because you can eat them and feel like you’re eating something healthy! Here’s a delicious and easy recipe.
  • Meatloaf: Get your whole grains and some texture by adding a cup of oats to your regular meatloaf recipe.
  • Treat Acne: You can treat and prevent acne without applying harsh chemicals to your skin. Oatmeal exfoliates and prevents clogged pores. It also has microbial properties, which means it kills the bacteria that cause acne. Make a paste with oatmeal and honey and apply to your skin for a few minutes before gently rinsing off. You can do this regularly to keep your skin clear.
  • Soothe skin: Oats are soothing for sunburn, insect bites, and poison ivy. Add oats to your bath for some relief.
  • Face mask: Oatmeal is great for exfoliating and moisturizing your skin. Here’s a simple face mask that leaves your skin feeling extra clean and refreshed.
  • Neutralize odors: Leave a bowl of oats in the refrigerator- or really anywhere- to absorb odors.

And that’s just the oats; since you’ll be using so much of it, you’ll be left with lots of oat containers. Make the most of those, too, with these clever crafts!