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14 Ways To Feel Thankful Every Day

by Wanda on November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving is a time to take stock and reflect on what we feel thankful for and it feels good. If it feels good why would you limit that to just one day a year? Feeling thankful is a key to happiness, and it’s also good for your physical health. I admit, it can be hard […]

How To Be A Good Friend

by Wanda on June 1, 2016

Friendships are special relationships. It makes sense; people need companionship and support, and good friends give you just that, not to mention the countless other benefits of having friends. Though you might think being a good friend is something we all just know how to do naturally, sometimes maintaining a good friendship takes a little effort. Here […]

How to Be More Positive

by Wanda on May 25, 2016

Life is good, Of course we all have our moments, and bad things do happen, but generally, life is good and it’s so important to know that. If you find yourself more often looking at the dark side of things, you might have to work a little bit on being more positive. Not only will […]