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9 New Ways To Use Shampoo

by Wanda on October 19, 2016

I’m guessing that every household has at least one bottle of shampoo. There is a brand of shampoo out there to fit every budget, which is nice. What’s also nice is that shampoo is another one of those incredible multi-tasking products that are great for their usual use. but useful in so many other ways, […]

12 Incredible Dish Soap Hacks

by Wanda on October 12, 2016

A bottle of dish soap costs just a few dollars and it’s something you always have around. It’s pretty much essential if you want to wash your dishes- I don’t think there are any substitutes for that, though that’s something to look into for another time. So since you already have dish soap, might as […]

Aveda Invati Thinning Hair Treatment

by Wanda on August 30, 2016

Don’t just accept thinning hair! Click here for a coupon for a FREE sample pack of Aveda Invati 3-step system. This sample includes exfoliating shampoo, thickening conditioner, and scalp revitalizer! Coupon expires 1/31/17.

Hair Care BOGO Coupon

by Wanda on October 26, 2015

Keep your hair looking full and youthful no matter your age with Roux Anti-Aging Hair Care. When you enter to win a designer handbag you’ll get shampoo and conditioner samples and a hair care BOGO coupon for Roux Anti-Aging Hair Care products at Sally Beauty. Click here for more details.