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9 New Ways To Use Shampoo

by Wanda on October 19, 2016


I’m guessing that every household has at least one bottle of shampoo. There is a brand of shampoo out there to fit every budget, which is nice. What’s also nice is that shampoo is another one of those incredible multi-tasking products that are great for their usual use. but useful in so many other ways, too! Read on to learn what you can do with shampoo.

  1. Car wash. It lathers up nicely and makes your hair shiny, so why wouldn’t it do the same for your car? Save money, get a good workout, and let the kids have some fun washing the car.
  2. Unstick a zipper. Use a Q-tip to dab some shampoo on a stuck zipper and get it moving.
  3. Moisturize your feet. Rub shampoo on your feet, cover with cotton socks, and leave overnight. In the morning your feet will feel soft and silky.
  4. Revitalize leather. Rub a little shampoo with a clean cloth on leather shoes and handbags to shine and protect from salt stains.
  5. Pets. Use shampoo to get your pet clean and fresh.
  6. Clean the tub and faucet. It rinses away with water and will get the chrome nice and shiny. Don’t use too much, though, or you’ll have a hard time rinsing it away.
  7. Hand laundry. Add a few drops to your water for hand washing delicates and sweaters.
  8. Remove laundry stains. Rub shampoo on the stain, let it soak, then wash as usual.
  9. Clean brushes. Shampoo is a great cleaner for hair and makeup brushes.

Yeah, I was pretty excited to learn about all this and I’m planning to try them all, starting with the hand laundry. I hope these shampoo hacks will be helpful to you, too!

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