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Fast Ways To Get Rid Of A Headache Naturally

by Wanda on February 8, 2017

When I feel a headache coming on I reach for the Advil and within a half hour or so, the pain is usually a lot better. But I know that the medicine is only relieving the pain- not actually getting rid of the headache. And I also know that it’s always better to go the […]

Home Remedies For Insect Bites

by Wanda on August 7, 2016

It was a lovely summer evening. The crickets were chirping, the air was warm but fragrant with seasonal flowery aromas. It was a night of good friends and good food- everyone was having a good time enjoying the outdoors. Until… those mosquitoes came to join the party! No one invited them but they took over […]

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm

by Wanda on January 10, 2016

Winter can be brutal on our delicate lips. It’s like more moisture is sucked out by the minute, leaving you with dry, cracked, chapped lips. Lips are especially susceptible because they are constantly exposed and they have only a thin layer of skin for protection. Fortunately, there’s something to do about it: lip balm. A […]