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11 Real Benefits Of Hugging

by Wanda on March 19, 2017

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Sometimes you just need a hug. Maybe you had a tough day, or you’re feeling sad, or maybe there’s no special reason- you just want the comfort and love that comes with a hug. Because deep down, you know that hugs are good for you in all kinds of ways. Here are some of the benefits of hugging:

  1. Hugs are nurturing: Touch is nurturing, and we’re never too old for that.
  2. Hugs heal loneliness and anger: Hugging may be an antidote to loneliness, but there’s also a chemical reason- the release of the hormone oxytocin reduces those negative feelings.
  3. Hugs are good for your immune system: Hugging stimulates the production of white blood cells, which are essential to a healthy immune system.
  4. Hugs boost self-esteem: Being hugged makes you feel loved, which increases your self-worth. Studies show that babies who are hugged often grow up to be confident adults.
  5. Hugs reduce tension: Hugging reduces stress hormones and lowers blood pressure.
  6. Hugs keep you grounded: Hugging is like mindfulness, because it puts you in the moment and takes you away from worrying about the future.
  7. Hugs reduce pain: Hugging releases endorphins- hormones that block pain pathways to the brain.
  8. Hugs create empathy: Hugging is a form of human connection and builds trust.
  9. Hugs are mood boosters: Because hugging increases hormones that make you happy.
  10. Hugs reduce depression: Hugging releases serotonin, a natural anti-depressant.
  11. Hugs promote heart health: In a study, people who were hugged had a slower, healthier hear rate.

You know that a hug can make you feel good, but who knew there was all this science to it? Forget the science and go hug someone you love!

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