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10 Reasons Chocolate Is Good For You!

by Wanda on March 8, 2017

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I truly believe that chocolate is a form of happiness. Who agrees with that? Chocolate tastes good, and eating chocolate makes you feel good… until the guilt kicks in. Chocolate is a kind of candy, after all, and we all know that candy isn’t good for us. Well, that’s why chocolate is different; chocolate actually is good for you! For real- chocolate has physical and emotional health benefits, so now you can indulge without guilt!

  1. It’s good for your heart: Chocolate contains compounds that help prevent heart disease.
  2. It can lower your risk of stroke.
  3. It has antioxidants: The antioxidants in chocolate help with many things, including vision.
  4. It’s packed with minerals: Chocolate is a good source of important minerals like potassium, zinc, selenium, and iron.
  5. It helps regulate your cholesterol: Eating chocolate can lower your “bad” cholesterol and raise levels of the “good” cholesterol.
  6. It protects your skin: You still need to wear sunblock, but eating chocolate can help protect your skin form sun damage.
  7. It puts you in a good mood: Yeah, you already knew that! Eating chocolate activates the brain chemicals that make you feel good.
  8. It can help control your appetite: Eating a little bit of chocolate before a meal can help you feel satisfied sooner and prevent overeating.
  9. It lowers stress: You already knew that, too, didn’t you? That’s because eating chocolate lowers levels of stress hormones.
  10. It gives you a brain boost: Eating chocolate can help you focus and feel energized.

As if you needed any encouragement to eat chocolate! Just remember: even with all the good stuff it has going for it, chocolate is still high in fat and sugar, so enjoy it, but indulge in moderation.

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