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9 Cool Ways To Use Mouthwash

by Wanda on June 15, 2016

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I always have mouthwash in my bathroom because I use it regularly as part of my oral care routine. So I was thrilled when I found out there are so many other ways to use mouthwash, and I think you’ll all love them, too! Who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product?

  1. Dandruff treatment: If you suddenly find those telltale flakes or unexpectedly run out of dandruff shampoo, combine equal parts mouthwash and water and apply to your scalp after shampooing and conditioning as usual. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse.
  2. Treat poison ivy: Apply to affected areas to relieve itching and inflammation. Since it’s drying it will also help start healing.
  3. Hand sanitizer: The alcohol in mouthwash will kill the germs on your hands. It can also help get rid of odor if you’ve been chopping garlic.
  4. Deodorant: In a pinch, mouthwash will do the trick!
  5. Clean your toothbrush: The moisture on your toothbrush makes it a great breeding ground for bacteria, not to mention the germs it collects just hanging around in the bathroom! Soak it in mouthwash for 20 minutes to sanitize.
  6. Athletes foot: Dab mouthwash on your feet with a cotton ball twice a day. Be patient, though- it can take a couple of weeks to see results.
  7. Prevent bruises: Next time you bang yourself apply some mouthwash to help prevent a bruise. This is not foolproof, but if you do get a bruise it will be smaller.
  8. Heal blisters: Mouthwash on a blister numbs the pain and speeds healing. Do this once a day.
  9. Glass cleaner: Put some mouthwash on a damp cloth to clean glass surfaces, such as windows, mirrors, and TV screens. Wipe, and dry with a cotton cloth for a great shine and fresh, clean smell.

It’s nice when something you use all the time anyway can do so many things for you. What’s great about mouthwash is that it comes in travel sizes so that you can always have it with you- even in your handbag!


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