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How To Have Beautiful Skin

by Wanda on May 22, 2016

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True or False:

  1. In order to have great skin you have to hit the genetic jackpot.
  2. In order to have great skin you have to spend tons of money on expensive products.

The answer to both questions is “False!” Surprised? Of course, great genes never hurt, but they aren’t the only way to have beautiful skin, and neither is money. Fool everyone into thinking you spent a fortune on skin products by following these skincare secrets:

  1. Always use sunscreen. This is probably the most important rule to follow for healthy skin! Make sure your sunscreen is SPF 30 or higher and use it every day, rain or shine, winter or summer. Damaging ultra-violet rays can get to you even when it’s cloudy.
  2. Exfoliate. Exfoliating twice a week polishes skin, revives collagen, and minimizes fine lines. Be careful not to scrub, though. Rubbing your skin gently is enough to do the trick.
  3. Know your skin type. Use the appropriate skincare products.
  4. Eat a healthy diet. A diet rich in omega-3’s and antioxidants holds in moisture and prevents inflammation and damage that lead to aging. Also, drink lots of water for healthy, glowing skin.
  5. Moisturize day and night. This is so important- never skip it!
  6. Don’t touch your face. Touching your face can spread bacteria and cause breakouts.
  7. Clean your makeup brushes. Remove the bacteria and makeup residue that linger on your brushes by cleaning once a week with warm water and shampoo.
  8. Sun protection. In addition to sunscreen, wear hats and sunglasses if you’ll be in the sun.
  9. Don’t smoke. Smoking causes skin damage that leads to wrinkles. Smoking is just bad for your allover health.
  10. Wash your face.
  11. Always remove makeup. Never sleep with your makeup on.
  12. Exercise. This is great for circulation and will make your skin glow!
  13. Clean your phone. Your phone is covered with millions of bacteria that you don’t want to transfer to your face.

Not only are these great skin secrets doable for your budget, but they’re easy, too! Start taking care of your skin and it won’t take long to see the results.

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