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12 New Ways To Use Hairspray

by Wanda on February 22, 2017

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Hairspray was absolutely necessary for big 60′s and 80′s hair. Today’s hair has a more easy, casual vibe, but we all know that sometimes what looks really easy actually does take some work. Which is why hairspray is still a staple beauty product, and in my experience the more expensive brands are not always better. It’s good to know that you can get a good product that works for you without breaking the bank. And since you already have the can of hairspray around, you might as well get the most from it. Here are 12 new ways to use hairspray:

  1. Kill bugs: Spray those suckers with hairspray; it smells a lot better than bug spray!
  2. Preserve sidewalk art: Your kids work hard on their sidewalk chalk creations, and you can help it last a little longer with a coating of hairspray.
  3. Stop a run: There are few things more annoying than a run in your stocking. Stop it before it gets too big with a spritz of hairspray.
  4. Clean pet hair: Spray on a paper towel and run over the hairy surface. This works great for removing lint, too.
  5. Remove lipstick stains: Get those stains off your clothes with hairspray! Spray the stain, let it sit a little, wipe off, and wash in the laundry.
  6. Dry nail polish: Wait a few seconds after applying top coat and spray your nails. Just be careful not to spray too close.
  7. Fix a loose zipper: Keep it from sliding down by zipping up and spraying.
  8. Protect recipe cards: Coat with hairspray and you’ll be able to wipe off spills and splatters.
  9. Keep flowers longer: Spray them.
  10. Remove ink from clothes: Make the stain damp and then blot it with a towel you’ve sprayed with hairspray. The ink should transfer to the towel.
  11. Control static: Spray on the sticky things.
  12. Tame eyebrows: Eyebrows are hair, after all! Spray a little hairspray onto your finger or an eyebrow brush for a neat look.
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