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8 Marvelous Ways To Use A Mascara Wand

by Wanda on December 21, 2016


Who else is a huge fan of mascara! I love the way a quick coat of mascara can instantly open your eyes and glam you up. Apply a couple of coats to take it to the next level, but even a little bit really goes a long way. Okay, so we know mascara is a great thing, but who knew a mascara wand is a marvel in its own right? Turns out there are lots of great things a mascara wand can do for you- besides the obvious, obviously! I bet you can buy dry mascara wands in a beauty supply store, but you can just as easily clean one when you’re done with a tube of mascara (and that’s free!). Just wash in soap and warm water and let dry. You can even clean it with hand sanitizer.

  1. Groom eyebrows: Messy eyebrows ruin your look, and the tiny bristles of a mascara wand are perfect for grabbing those small hairs. For extra hold, spray the wand with some hairspray before you comb.
  2. Tame flyaways: Spray the wand with hairspray and flatten down flyaways and messy baby hairs.
  3. Create nail art: Dip the wand in nail polish to create interesting textures for nail art.
  4. Root touch-up: What a fabulous home hair color hack! Using a mascara wand gives you control over the areas you need to reach for a root touch-up.
  5. Separate lashes: Keep a dry mascara wand that you use for separating and de-clumping (is that a word?) your eyelashes after applying mascara.
  6. Have the perfect mascara: We’ve all been there: the mascara you love has a brush you’re not crazy about, or you found a mascara with the perfect brush but you don’t love the formula. Just swap out the brushes and you have the mascara you love with the brush you love, too!
  7. Household cleaning: They’re great for reaching small spaces.
  8. Clean jewelry: Another chore where those tiny bristles come in handy!
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