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10 Ways To Tap Your Inner Creativity

by Wanda on November 16, 2016


We live in a world of DIY everything and entrepreneurs. If you don’t have 50,000 Pinterest followers, don’t have a food blog, or haven’t started an outrageously successful home business you might feel like a failure. The pressure is real, my friends! But don’t be discouraged! You can be the creative genius you want to be. To a certain extent creativity is an inborn trait, but the truth is that anyone can learn to flex some creative muscle, and fulfilling your own creative appetite should be your real goal. You don’t need validation from Instagram. Here are some easy tips to help you be more creative:

  1. Just do it. Pick up a brush and start painting, or fire up your computer and start writing, or whatever it is you want to be doing. Stop thinking and get started.
  2. Don’t be afraid to fail. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from trying. And don’t look at failure as a bad thing; think of it as part of the creative process and learn from it. Use feedback to make your work stronger.
  3. Hang out with creative people. Join a writing group, or a music group, or whatever speaks to you. Being around other creative people will inspire you and help you to push your limits.
  4. Be open to criticism. Ask people for their opinions on your work and ideas and don’t be sensitive.
  5. Don’t expect perfection. Requiring perfection will stifle your creative energy and hold you back.
  6. Ask a lot of questions. Learning is part of the process, and the more you know, the  more you’ll have to work with. Do research on you own or talk to people who know.
  7. Keep your eyes open. Inspiration is everywhere.
  8. Break some rules. Don’t be destructive or irresponsible, but creativity requires coloring outside the lines sometimes.
  9. Keep a journal. Writing down what’s in your mind will get you in touch with your subconscious and help the ideas flow. And if you want to be a writer, the extra practice never hurts.
  10. Meditate. Like journal writing, it’s a way to be present without actively thinking, so you can free your mind and the ideas will come.

You can bring out your inner Martha Stewart! All it takes is a little determination, flexibility, and inspiration!


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