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Host A Fun Game Night

by Wanda on October 2, 2016


Looking for fun ideas for spending time with friends? Think about hosting a fun game night! It’s cheaper than heading out to a bar or restaurant, and it’s more fun than just sitting around the table for a typical dinner party. It’s also pretty simple to arrange, which means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time planning and prepping. Here are some basic tips for hosting a fun game night:

  1. Plan your games. Nothing should be set in stone, but it helps to have some idea of what you’ll be playing so you know how many people to invite. You can plan to play board games, card games, or party games- they’re different, but both are fun.
  2. Don’t invite too many people. It’s best to keep the guest list under 10 to avoid it getting too chaotic. And remember that lots of games are only meant for 8 players or so. If you do invite a larger crowd you can break up into groups.
  3. Know your friends. Invite the best mix of friends for this fun event.
  4. Know the rules. Make sure someone knows how to play the game so you won’t have to pause to check the instructions or settle arguments while you’re playing.
  5. Keep it simple. No need to go all out with food and decorating- unless you want to, of course. The focus of the party is the game playing.
  6. Keep food and drinks on the side. A simple buffet is the best menu for this type of party, and keeping the food on a side table helps avoid spills and disasters.
  7. Comfortable seating. Sitting around a coffee table is fun for a casual game night. Set out pillows and cushions to keep your guests comfortable. If you’ll be sitting on chairs around a table, make sure there are enough chairs for all the players.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun! Sure, we all have our stories of game parties gone bad (I was once on the outs with my best friend for months over a game of Risk), but don’t let tension or serious competition ruin this for you. Keep it easy and casual, and you’ll see game nights become a regular event among your friends!

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