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9 Uses For Coffee Grounds

by Wanda on October 9, 2016


I could go on and on about coffee- it’s pretty much an essential food group in my book. It seems like neither my brain nor my body can really start working until I get some coffee into me in the morning, so it makes sense that I have a deep appreciation for coffee. Which is why I want to make the most of all of it, including the grounds. Here are some really cool uses I found for coffee grounds:

  1. Grow blue hydrangeas. The color of hydrangeas has to do with the pH level in the soil. Get some coffee grounds in around your hydrangea plants to lower the pH of the soil turn your hydrangeas blue.
  2. Pest repellent. Sprinkle coffee grounds around plants in your garden to protect them from snails, slugs, and ants.
  3. Scrub pots. Because they are abrasive, coffee grounds and a rag can get stuck-on food off pots and pans. Don’t use them on ceramic or other easily stained pans.
  4. Fix furniture scratches. Make a paste with coffee grounds and water and fill in scratches in your dark wood furniture.
  5. Absorb odors. Put a bowl of coffee grounds in the refrigerator to absorb food odors.
  6. Clean your hands. Rub coffee grounds on your hands to neutralize strong odors like garlic and fish.
  7. On your face. Place some coffee grounds on your face for a few minutes to reduce puffiness.
  8. Exfoliate. Mix with water or oil and use as an exfoliating body scrub.
  9. Minimize cellulite. Rub on your skin to help stimulate blood flow and tighten skin, which minimizes the look of cellulite.

Now with this info you won’t have to waste any part of your precious coffee, and you have 9 more reasons to love it!

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