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Happy National Pizza Day!

by Wanda on February 9, 2016

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There are some very important days in February. Of course, there’s Valentine’s Day coming up soon, and you definitely want to make the most of that. But today, February 9 is National Pizza Day! And wait- it’s also National Bagel Day! On the same day! So it’s actually pretty appropriate that Valentine’s Day is so soon, because is there anyone who doesn’t love pizza? Or bagels?

What I love about pizza is that it’s a quick and easy meal that, as long as you don’t eat too much of it, it’s actually pretty nutritious. Another thing that I love is that plain, regular pizza is delicious, but you can always make it more exciting with toppings, and you can never get bored because the options and combinations are endless. Of course you can make it easy and order a pie form your favorite pizza place, but if you want to do something different, try these homemade recipes from NYT Cooking.

And bagels are great for the same reason. They’re easy to grab and they’ll keep you satisfied for a pretty long time. I’m not such a fan of plain bagels myself, but I can’t argue against the simplicity. It’s a good thing there’s a nice variety of bagel toppings, not to mention the filling options, which are also pretty awesome. Here’s a recipe for homemade bagels if you’re feeling adventurous. Store bought, or homemade, make the most of your bagel experience by making an amazing sandwich! Here are some ideas for inspiration.

So how do you choose which food to celebrate today? You might think that you’ll have to decide between pizza or bagels today, but why should you? Eat a bagel for one meal and pizza for anther. Or, even better: combine the best of both worlds and enjoy a pizza bagel!




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