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11 Ways to Use Orange Peels

by Wanda on January 24, 2016

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In my opinion, oranges are definitely a perk of winter. I mean, there’s got to be something to make up for the cold and the messy snow. Oranges are juicy, tart and sweet, and they’re so good for you, too. It just really bothers me that in order to enjoy an orange there has to be so much waste. I’m talking about those peels- you have to get them out of the way in order to get to the delicious fruit, and then the only thing to do is throw them out. Wrong! It turns out there are lots of cool things you can do with orange peels. Here are 11 ways to use orange peels:

1. Oil and toxin magnet. Wrap an orange peel in some gauze and rub it directly on your skin to suck up oils and toxins, and leave skin brighter and fresher. You’ll also smell great!

2. Natural insect repellent. Orange peels naturally repel mosquitoes, moths, and ants. Rub on your skin before going outside to keep the mosquitoes away, and leave them on windowsills or other problem areas for moths and ants.

3. Smelly shoe deodorizer. Sprinkle an orange peel with baking powder and place in your smelly shoes to freshen them up.

4. Non-toxic house cleaner. Put a few orange peels in a jar with two cups of white vinegar and keep in the freezer for a week. Transfer to a spray bottle and use it around the house.

5. Brown sugar softener. Place a few dried orange peels in your brown sugar to prevent it from clumping.

6. Candy.┬áHere’s an easy recipe for candied orange peels. Dip them in chocolate to take them to the next level.

7. Tea. Dry orange peels and keep them around to add to your tea for some extra flavor.

8. Sponge. Scrub the white part (the pith) on your stove or sink to get rid of grease.

9. Wood shiner. Rub the pith directly on wood furniture and utensils to get a glow.

10. Air freshener. Orange peels are so wonderfully fragrant and they make great air fresheners. Put some dry orange peels in a small mesh bag, or even in the foot of some old stockings, and place in a closet to prevent a musty smell.

11. Infused olive oil. Place in some olive oil and give your salads a kick.

Now you can enjoy as many oranges as you want without feeling bad about wasting the peels. Do you eat a lot of oranges? What are your favorite ways to use up orange peels?

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