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How To Look Great In Pictures

by Wanda on October 28, 2015

myshopdiscounts look great in pictures There’s nothing like red carpet photos of celebrities looking all polished and glam to make me feel bad about myself. I know most of them don’t roll out of bed looking that way, but still… I don’t have a team of stylists and makeup artists in my back pocket making sure I look great every time a friend snaps my pic and posts it somewhere that everyone can see. My typical reaction to seeing myself in a picture is to groan. Anyone else do this? But guess what? It’s not just the designer clothes and perfect makeup application that make those red carpet shots look so good. And professional photographers. Those don’t hurt, either, but it turns out that there are actually some tricks that anyone can learn for how to look great in pictures! Here are some tips to make you look great the next time someone tells you to say “cheese”:

  • Don’t you hate when you’re snapped mid-blink? To avoid that, close your eyes before the picture is taken and open them slowly right before the click.
  • To make your face look thinner put your face slightly forward and tip your chin down just a bit. You might feel a little awkward, but you’ll look really great in the photo!
  • Have some makeup basics down: Concealer that’s too light will make you look ghostly, so make sure that you wear the right shade. Bright lipsticks photograph better than darker shades, and never forget mascara! It will open up your eyes and make them twinkle.
  • Eliminate shine from your face. In a pinch, you can always blot with a tissue.
  • Do not say “cheese!” Smile with your tongue on the roof of your mouth behind your teeth for a more natural, less goofy look. Holding your tongue this way will also do flattering things to your face.
  • Did you ever notice that everyone seems to stand the same way on those red carpet shots? Standing the right way can make you look slim and confident. Try it yourself! Face the camera at a 3/4 angle and slightly twist your torso (shoulders forward). Put one foot in front of the other with your weight on your back foot and your front toe pointed towards the camera.
  • It’s way more flattering to be shot from above than from below, so get your photographer a chair to stand on if you’re taller.
  • Props add personality and help you look relaxed.
  • Avoid harsh direct lighting.
  • Look at pics of yourself that you like and see what’s good about them. Do you have a more flattering side? A pose that makes you look good? A color that brings out your best look? Keep doing those things in all your pics.
  • Definitely take advantage of filters! Why not manipulate things so that you appear in your best light?

We ordinary people no longer have to fear the photo! Follow these tips and you’ll look like you’re posing on the red carpet in every shot!

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